Northsur creates and produces innovation events and competitions that level the playing field through entrepreneurship. Within the last year alone, Northsur co-organized two large innovation events.  The first, Common Pitch Chile, fostered and celebrated the growth of social entrepreneurship in the Southern Hemisphere.  Over three days in November and December 2012, over 10,000 participants gathered in Santiago Chile to learn about social entrepreneurship.  These participants listened to a keynote speech by Al Gore.  They attended workshops organized by Andrea that featured thought leaders at Google, TechStars, Astia (an accelerator for women entrepreneurs), and numerous companies from Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.  To attract young social entrepreneurs, the event also featured several musical acts from North and South America.  Common Pitch Chile concluded with a pitch competition, in which various young South American entrepreneurs pitched ideas for social entrepreneurship ventures.  The winner, Tohl who won 35,000 in seed mone.  Common Pitch Chile earned widespread media coverage throughout South America.  Andrea designed most of the content and arranged for the financial sponsorship for this extremely successful event.

Andrea’s second event in the past year, Startup Phenomenon: Women focused on women in the startup community.  This event took place this September and welcomed a thousand women to Boulder, Colorado to learn and discuss the challenges that women face in starting their own businesses.  If best-selling books such as Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In urge women to strive in the innovation economy, this event focused on giving women the intellectual tools to actually succeed.





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